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White Blend - Minimum

White Blend - Minimum

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86% Chardonnay, 9% Sauvignon Blanc, & 5% Fiano from Victoria, Australia

Part of the movement to reclaim Australia’s wine reputation from the mass producers, this refreshing blend of Chardonnay, a touch Sauvignon Blanc and Fiano is a complete reboot of Australia’s interpretation of Chardonnay. Minimum’s background had originally been organic vegetable and flower farming so their approach to wine making is the same- creating wine that is completely organic from vine to bottle and be as true to the grapes that they harvest as possible while continuing to refine the definition of what minimum really means in the vineyards! The wine is crisp and lively and loaded with green apple, melon, and tropical fruit! This is a new profile path for Chardonnay and Minimum is paving the way!