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Vin de Days Rouge - Day Wines 2021

Vin de Days Rouge - Day Wines 2021

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Noting that she’s an alumnus of Brooks Winery, Brianne Day began her own winery with the 2012 vintage and since then has been releasing artisanal wines, expressive of place, and sourced from a small group of growers using organic, biodynamic and sustainable practices in the Willamette and Applegate Valley AVAs. She is celebrated in Oregon and the wine trade for her interpretation of alternative grape varieties and wine styles and is recognized for making wines that challenge boundaries while also remaining eminently drinkable.

The Vin de Days Rouge is Brianne’s crowd pleaser. It celebrates the allure of Pinot with a blend that is dominated by Pinot Noir but supplemented by Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris. The natural fermentation produced a crunchy, vibrant, bright red profile with red and black cherry aromas mingled with cranberry, raspberry and lavender. The palate is brambly, earthy and wild with raspberry and plum seasoned with thyme and hibiscus. Quickly identifiable as being dangerously drinkable.