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Sweet Berry Wine - Las Jaras 2019

Sweet Berry Wine - Las Jaras 2019

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57% Zinfandel, 25% Petite Sirah, & 18% Carignan

"After skipping the 2020 vintage of Sweet Berry Wine due to wildfire, we are happy to finally release this iteration of our flagship red blend. It exudes incredible finesse; however, this hasn't always been the case. This vintage required ample time to stretch its legs and evolve into the elegant and harmonious beauty that now graces the glass before you. The vintage was characterized by drought conditions, yielding a small crop of petite berries, reduced by 20% to 30%. Rainfall barely reached half of the average, subjecting the vines to a struggle in bearing fruit. Fortunately, the weather remained relatively mild after that. It took us a little longer to release the 2021 because it necessitated extended periods in both barrel and bottle to find its rhythm. The result is a wine that wields power yet exhibits refinement. Within this vintage of Sweet Berry Wine, you'll be greeted by robust aromas of cocoa powder, black plum, marionberry, forest floor, and allspice. With each sip, you'll encounter notes of blue fruit, deep cherry, and red licorice, supported by supple tannins that lead to an enduring and savory finish."