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Still Point Spritz - Fable Farm

Still Point Spritz - Fable Farm

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From the producer: Herein awaits an aged blend of cider, cultured in an assortment of wood barrels before bottling still, and from which our sparkling cider, Fluxion, arose. This prolonged aging in our fleet of barrels tends to give the cider smooth, buttery, and peppery qualities. We are excited for more people to turn to the wonder, simplicity, and solemnity of still cider. In the center of all life lives an unending stillness that connects back to the Source. Within this Stillpoint lives an immeasurable Light, an unbound potentiality for creation. As we are cast hither and thither by the drama of our lives and dreams, may we remember that no matter how high or low we seem to flow, there will forever be a point of unconditional Love basking in stillness, at the center of All That Is.

  • Alcohol 6.95%