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Riesling Wallufer Walkenburg Spätlese trocken - J.B. Becker 2020

Riesling Wallufer Walkenburg Spätlese trocken - J.B. Becker 2020

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Jean Baptiste Becker started producing wine in 1893 in the Rheingau region of Germany.  World class Riesling comes from the Rheingau region due to the extended growing season provided by the region's mild winters and warm summers.  Additionally, the nearby forest-capped Taunus Hills give protection from cold winds and there is the  benefit of the heat-reflecting surface of the Rhine river.  The Rhine has benefits the grapes, but not for ol’ J.B.-- he drowned in the river at the age of 73 rescuing a small child who had fallen in!

Farmed organically and using only native yeasts for fermentation since their founding, the vineyards are now overseen by J.B.’s grandson, Hans-Joseph or “HaJo”.  Using native yeasts allows J.B. Becker’s Rieslings to express the essence of the region–brawny & powerful, but with a finesse similar to Chablis.  When young, this wine will be delicate, with beautiful acidity and citrus, undercut by a minerality that is derived from the soils of the Rheingau slopes.  As it ages, you'll start to find beeswax, preserved lemon, and butterscotch.  Yes, wine actually can taste like that!