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Respiro Clarete - Cabecas do Reguengo

Respiro Clarete - Cabecas do Reguengo

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This wine comes from several small plots close to the winery at about 550-600 meters of elevation. The “vineyards” are small plots of centenarian, pre-phylloxera bush vines that are interplanted with various fruiting trees, oak trees, and small livestock. An old vine field blend with over a dozen different indigenous varieties. About 70% white grapes and 30% red. Best served with a slight chill.

Joao Afonso is a former leading ballet dancer who in 1994 began making natural wine in the Alentejo mountains out of his garage. He has a strict focus on organic farming and old vines. The name Respiro means "Breath" which speaks to the brightness & refreshing mouth watering character of the wine. Respiro is light in color with silky smooth tannins & almost salivating acidity. A phenomenally drinkable & savory wine. One of my favorites!