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Malvazija - Rodica

Malvazija - Rodica

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In terms of pure versatility it’s hard to beat Malvasia, which can range from dry with a wet stone minerality to more sweeter expressions . Whatever the interpretation the common characteristic is the aromatic lift that occurs in all Malvasia.

The Rodica winery is located in the Istria region of Slovenia about 3 miles from the Adriatic coast. The vineyards are worked without irrigation so the grapes really fight to get water which results in better quality grapes.

This is a very approachable intro to orange wine- slightly musky in a good way with flavors of peaches and baked apples. The slightly tannic quality in the he wine makes it incredibly versatile with food.

50% of the wine is fermented in the skins for 3 days in stainless steel tanks to preserve the wine’s unique aromatics. The other 50% is fermented on the skins for 20 days in open vats to draw out more secondary flavors.