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Garganega IGT 'Duchessa Allegra' - Massimago

Garganega IGT 'Duchessa Allegra' - Massimago

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Camilla Rossi Chauvenet is the driving force behind the Massemago vineyards- and she had to be given that in Valpolicella wine producers are traditionally men who come from several generations of wine producers and follow strict protocols with their wine. It’s taken her 17 years but she has achieved the respect and admiration of her peers!

Her Duchess Allegra Garganega is hand harvested and certified organic and aged 3 months in the lees and bottled for an additional 3 months of aging. Garganega is the primary grape in Soave wines but this wine is a whole different interpretation of the grape. The wine has pear and apple flavors, medium body, and vibrant racy acidity. Camilla collaborated with Franco Chiani on the fun labeling as well!